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Why my healing work is that intense and powerful?

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Hey Friend,

Thanks to your soul to choose this path. And souls don´t meet by accident. This site might just inspire your soul on another level - or you feel a silent make a change now and start your healing journey together with the Light Beings, Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and me. I am here to serve for the Highest Best and support you on your travel.

Oh and: I might talk to you like a Friend. Because in Higher Realms we don´t know Hirarchies. And I truly just want the highest best for you. No manipulation, no fake promises, no codependency. But an honest helping hand from a friend. And I didn´t come alone. I brought my friends. My Spirit Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters.

Ascended Mastering Life.
Together. Holding you.

Ready when you are.

What happened there changed my life...and I never experienced such an intense healing ever before, even though I am going regularly to different healers in California. I was struggling and felt an inner darkness my entire life - she did a past life regression healing, just like that, super easy and naturally, it felt even relaxing and beautiful, while transforming and healing these blocks...and since then also some physical issues healed...I am sure it is connected with Leonie´s work!! Highly highly recommended, this girl is a gift!

Ivana, Real Estate, Los Angeles

Leonie hat mir in einer emotional und gesundheitlich schweren Zeit sehr geholfen. Durch ihre magische Unterstützung bin ich schnell und vor allem gefestigt wieder auf die Beine gekommen, sodass ich stark und positiv das Leben bestreite.

Janina H. (Steuerberaterin und Manager bei einer großen Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft)

Das Coaching bei Leonie war erdend und beflügelnd zugleich! Sie schafft es eine ganz wunderbare, sichere Atmosphäre zu kreieren und ich war danach voller Energie. Eine Erfahrung, die noch immer positiv nachwirkt. Dieses Coaching ist ein Geschenk an sich selbst!

Victoria D. ( Staatsoper Berlin)

Das Soul Reading bei Leonie ist life changing und hat mir so gut getan! Einfach das beste Investment in sich selber. Kann ich wirklich nur jedem empfehlen! Hat mir wirklich die Augen geöffnet...Life changing! Ganz viel Liebe + Sparkle! 

Amely K. (Founder & CEO YLUMI)

Leonie is an angel!! I attended her class at Soho House Berlin. What she does is magic! I have never ever felt like this before in my entire life! She opens sth up in you, words can´t describe. I felt brighter and lighter than ever before and I saw clearly my possibilities in life and what I am capable to achieve in this lifetime! Her session was intense and really changed my life! So grateful to have met her in Berlin!

Lucy, TBC business owner from NYC

How I work

This section here is actually for your mind. And my ego. Yeah, I do got all those certificates. So also your mind can trust me after reading this hopefully. Started with intense body work with 19 when I visited Acting School (Schauspielschule Charlottenburg), I learned how to use the body - how to protect yourself from manipulation and use the power we got with that body for us and the highest best - using our voice, our gesture, movements - our vehicle in this life here to fill it with personality, how to give it a character and create a new identity - actually important work, which I do use in self-coaching mentoring, when guiding my clients in re-building their lifes after a crisis to create a new personality, that is stronger than ever before and unshakable in the core to overcome any challenge.

After finishing my dual studies in international business administrations I had my near-death experience at the age of 22 after a major disease and many months in hospital. I almost died from a sickness, the western medicine couldnt heal - that was the moment I awakend and learned how to heal myself. And that was also the first time I met an Ascended Master: Laozi. We became close friends and he introduced me to many other Ascended Master Friends. Since then I got a pretty cool crew "on the other side". A lot happened since then, I healed and started to support many other souls on their healing journey - by my side: My Friends: The Ascended Masters. Our mission is to heal together as many people as possible on this earth and guide them together to an awakening, more conscious life in self-responsibility in full power, health and abundance. Being in the frequency of unconditional love and peace within.

Oh jah, the ego part: In between I became a certified Light Being Therapist (educated by Dr. Petra Schneider) in 2015, did 4 intense elohim seminars for healers, did my Yoga Teacher Training in 200hrs + Ashtanga Yoga and Yin Yoga in 2018 on Lembongan, where I learned not only the asanas, but meridian healing theory and the healing power of breath work and mantra chanting- In 2019 I learned Self-Coaching Tools like EFT Tapping, Affirmation Work, Mirror Work from my Mentors in Los Angeles and New York City and opened my own healing space in Berlin in 2020: The Sacred Space, where I still guide besides my online work, the offline workshops in groups and 1:1 sessions in person.

All those tools and techniques are a powerful support in my healing work - the most important one is still my connection with higher realms, where I am just the channel and don´t do anything, but let the healing just flow through me to you. Thanks to The Ascended Masters and Light Beings.

Feel the Light

The Unknown. Words can´t describe. When Miracles are happening. When Magic unfolds.

Or in my friend´s words:

"Energy Work is the only work, that truly works."

The Touch of Light. Physically or Digitally.

Touching the Soul. Remembering your Essence.


It´s your Decision

I Choose Light