Kwan Yin - Ascended Master for Compassion

KWAN YIN is the Ascended Master of Compassion...her energy is soft...divine feminine, she teaches us to let go, to surrender and come back into the flow...into the receiving frequency. In rose elohim light - she carries a water lilly. Symbol of enlightenment, unfolding, bloom in all her beauty. Stop fighting, stop chasing, but start to your radiance, your light, your beauty of being. Self Love and Self Care as a Healing Power, this is also what we can learn from Kwan Yin. Being in loving compassion - starting within, with ourselves - and then when vibrating in this frequency, we can spread it on to others. Inspiring this world with loving beauty. On all levels. 


Read the Summary below with all her topics and how she can help and support us living a life here in duality.