Portal of Light Opening: New Beginning // 1 Day Inner Workshop

Portal of Light Opening: New Beginning // 1 Day Inner Workshop

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Inner Workshop

01.10.22 at 10:00 AM - Open End 

In person. In Berlin.

The Portal of Light Opening

In the darkest of Night, the stars shine the brightest and the darkest hour of the night comes just before the dawn.

The Morning Light of a New Day.
A Soft Smooth Lightful Angelic New Beginning. 

You have been going through a lot lately? 
You feel ready to let the shift happen now?

You are guided, protected and aligned.

Be patient, compassionate and loving with you. 

A lightful uplifting safe space to elevate into your next journey, creating a new lightful space.

Small Inner Circle for deeply transforming Inner Work guided by higher realms, supported by Ascended Masters, protected by angels.

I am holding space for each one of you. 

Limited Space.
Live in Berlin at The Sacred Space by MAATÏ MAATÏ.

• Energy cleanse 
• Deep body energy healing to prepare for a crystalline DNA

• 2 Guided Meditations in an energetic field with 2 Ascended Masters: Laozî and El Morya 

• Angelic Energy Protection

• Magical Mirror Work

• Intuitive Angel Dance 

• Light Healing


First come first serve.


For the highest best.